The Challenges of Dating A Biker Woman for Non-Bikers

biker woman Did your heart get smitten with that beautiful blonde riding her motorcycle? Well, while being in a relationship with a biker woman has its ups, it also has its own set of downs, just like any other kind of relationships. Some even say that going out with a biker woman is almost suicidal because your whole world will be turned upside down, and at times, your life might even be put in peril.

Biker Ladies are Hard to Impress

Hooking up with a non-biker lady is mostly a very simple and easy task. You just need to put her snugly on the back seat then speed up to blow her away. And even if you are just running at 30 miles per hour, she might even assume that you are as fast as a rocket. Now, try to imagine doing the same thing with a biker woman. She might catch you by surprise if she can give it a go faster than you can.

They Need More Expensive Gear

It is not a secret how women love to go out shopping for clothes and just stay ahead of fashion. If your girlfriend is not a rider, you can easily spend $100 and you can already give her the nicest things she will love. But, what will you do if she has her eyes on the latest high-end helmet or that flashy motorcycle suit? She will ruin not just you but also your pockets before you even know it.

She Can Give You a Good Beating

Biker women are women who can never, ever disrespect. A biker woman is choleric, strong, and brave. For example, if your eyes strayed to that sexy brunette, you might end up with a carbon fiber fist on your face way before you can blink an eye.

She Uses Lots of Oil

There will be so much oil you are going to deal with when you date a biker lady, and that oil is not the ordinary oil you use for cooking.

She Might Find Steven Tyler Sexier and More Appealing Than You

Never take her out to motorcycle rallies. For all you know, she might just grab her bike, dump you, and ride away with a rock star that looks like Steven Tyler who rides a Harley.

You Will No Longer be Spending Your Weekends with Your Best Buddies

If the weekend is cold, you cannot tell her not to come because she is brave enough and she will never get scared of even the tiniest drops of rain.

Her World Won’t Revolve Around You

When dating a biker woman, don’t expect that you will be the only person in her life. Your Sunday mornings might be spent waking up next to an empty spot because your lady has already left at the break of dawn to ride the local twisties in the area to grab a greasy bite and sip a cup of strong coffee at a far-flung restaurant.

Do you think you’re up to the challenges of dating a biker woman?