How To Meet Bikers Without Online Dating?

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Similar to other niche culture groups, today’s bikers are also often associated with some stereotypes when it comes to the way they look and the kind of lifestyle they have.

What the society doesn’t seem to realize is that bikers are actually just like any average person with the same routines, feelings, and emotions. The only thing that makes them different from the rest is their love for riding on two wheels, and sometimes, this love can turn into a very strong passion.

But the main question now is, how do you really meet these passionate bikers with no need to engage in online dating, then?

Determine What Kind of Biker You Want to Meet

Before you start your search for a biker, first, you have to determine the specific type of biker you wish to meet.

Popular media today often shows or depicts bikers as people who behave and dress in a certain way. But it is important for you to remember that bikers actually have different kinds.

The hardcore biker is one of the extremes. Hardcore bikers include those who breathe and live on two wheels. These people are ready to drop everything and anything at the mere thought or mention of going for a long cross-state bike ride.

The weekend prep belongs to the other tip of the scale. Weekend preps only go out for rides when the weather is fine together with a group of other biker buddies they can show off to.

Right in between the two types of bikers above are those who love to ride but are busy with their day jobs but still like their respectable social network.

Taking note of how varied the biker community can get will not just help you understand these people better without making uninformed generalizations. At the same time, doing so will also help you determine what specific type of biker you really want to meet in the first place.

Go to the Right Places to Meet Bikers

The moment you are clear about the kind of biker you want to meet and mingle with, you are now ready to look in the right places where these men and women usually hang out.

If you wish to be around some hardcore bikers, make sure you research about the location of the biker pubs or bars in your town or city and make it your goal to drop by there.

One more way for you to run into long-time bikers is to socialize with the participants of bike runs whenever they stop to take a quick break. There are also biker-friendly cafes in many areas that are run by people who also happen to be keen and avid bikers themselves.

You can also check out overnight stops that are located at designated spots in towns or cities complete with trailer, garage, and shower facilities. These places allow bikers to get their much needed sleep and perform some maintenance work on the bikes. Most of the time, these stops have cafes and burger vans nearby that are perfect for hanging out with avid bikers.

Of course, there are also biker clubs that are more than happy to welcome those members who have an abiding and serious interest in the lifestyle of bikers. The moment you get in, this will also give you access to the different bike runs, rallies, and meets that are not always open and accessible to outsiders.

You can also choose to frequent charity events or bike rallies if you are more interested in meeting bikers who have a more flexible lifestyle. On the other hand, there might be several pubs and bars around your city that host biker’s night on a specific evening of the week. This makes them an ideal place for meeting bikers if you are living in a city that has a somewhat smaller biking culture.

Whatever the case might, you can also keep an eye out for those men and women who commute to work riding their bikes. You can also sign up for a regular subscription to biking or auto magazines. People like these are the ones who often balance their usual sedate working busy life with their passion for bikes. They are the ones who can also make amazing friends if you don’t really want to go all out.

Be Familiar with the Biker Ethic

It doesn’t really matter what kind of biker you wish to meet. It is important to always remember that the passion that these people have given them that unique sense of freedom that they can never get or find anywhere else.

These men and women tend to feel that they are caged when riding a car or truck that the only thing that makes them feel alive is when wind rushes all over their body while riding their bike on the road.

This means that if you want to be friends with a biker or even date one, you should avoid curbing this desire these people have for freedom. If you do so, you might end up standing in the middle of nowhere with the biker driving away.

You also have to know that bikers have a very tight-knit community. One critical aspect of the biker code is helping one another. If a biker sees one of the members of their community with a broken-down bike at the side of the road, they will never think twice to stop and lend a helping hand. Even if moral support is the only thing they can offer, bikers believe that this is still better than just passing by.

This means that if you will be friends with a biker, you need to make some adjustments to keep up with their unique lifestyle. Always remember that this activity is anchored on support and mutual help, making bonding a crucial part of the biker community.

The next time you want to meet some bikers, be sure to frequent the places they love and sooner or later, you will mingle with these amazing people.