About Us

BikerDatingSites website has been created to help the motorcycle riders to find a perfect match for them from the bikers’ community. We provide the reviews about different biker dating sites in which we talk about their subscription fee, features, signup process, and customer support. We rank each of the biker dating sites on the basis of same criteria.

Our ranking criteria

All the reviews available on our websites are wholly our own experience with the bike dating website and how we feel about it. To write each review we take care of the following things:

The value of money to the users:

Before looking at the features of dating websites we look at its price and compare that whether it is really valuable for our visitors or not. Some of the bike dating websites are very expensive but come with few features. We do not review or rank such type of websites at all as these websites do not add value to the users.

A number of features:

The quantity of features does matter when you join dating websites. Before we test each of the features of the dating website, we compare the number with competitors. High number of features always attracts the users and gives more opportunity to the users to have control over their profile and search a perfect date.

The quality of features:

Numbers are nothing until you do not receive the quality from them. While ranking and reviewing the website, we make sure that our visitors will be informed about only value added features. Instead of general features of the dating website, we rank a website on the basis of the unique feature they are offering to the users.

A number of users:

Does not matter that how well the bikers dating website is, if there are fewer users, then it will become very hard to found single bikers in the same town or at least in the same city. We have ranked the bikers dating websites on the number of registered and verified users. We have also considered other elements of popularity like Google and Alexa ranking etc.

Customer care:

You spend your money on bikers dating website. Having an excellent customer service should be your priority. That’s why, while ranking and reviewing the website we have to take care of this important aspect of a dating website and only include those websites who offer the quality of customer services to the users.

Disclosure and TOS

All the reviews and ranking on BikerDatingSites.org is completely view of our writer. We are not responsible for any feature which the website is not offering now has been changed or completely removed from the website. We are also not responsible for any content of the website we have reviewed on BikerDatingSites.org. We want to inform you that we have been honest while writing reviews and ranking different bikers dating websites to help our readers to choose the best option.


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